March 2022
ASMO Co., Ltd. CEO
Kazuhiro Ueda

"Spirit of play"

Living in the world of rich in goods.
It may be evidence of the growth of the history by the wish of the past.
However, three essential elements for human being to live is clothes, foods and roof over your head which, to my knowledge, stays unchanged from past to future.
While living in such a world, if someone ask what is the fourth element, we would answer "spirit of play".
Even if the time has changed, the "spirit of play" never disappears from people's minds, yet, the mind (with spirit of play) guides you to have a richer life.
I believe this to be true.
We are expanding our business theming the play, and day by day working hard to contribute to our society through play.

"Life is game"

Life is playing game!
Playful spirit holds infinite possibility.
I believe that playful spirit = creation.
I am planning to challenge many fields including starting up a new business in future.
Golf, music, fashion, hobby, game, pets etc...I consider that all of these are in a sense "Life is a game".

"Human is all that. A smile is a treasure"

In our world, there is something you should not forget as a supplier of play.
This is "People are the best entertainment".
In order for customers to enjoy themselves, we have to show hospitality with a smile, because we believe people mirror each other.
We believe that every story begins with smile.
We strive every day to contribute to society to make a world filled with smiles.

We would like to devote our daily effort to our motto & ASMO's basic principle "Contribute to society via spirit of play" .
Please expect ASMO's strong growth in the future.

Our life is like a game.
A smile is everything.

March 2022
ASMO Co., Ltd. CEO

Kazuhiro Ueda