Suggestion of "Play".

Gaming has been established as a part of our culture.
Under this historical background,
our goal is to create a variety of "play" spaces to satisfy the playful spirit of current generation
of people as well as to supply the culture of "play".

Company ASMO Co. Ltd.
Main company 1-7-4, Maruito Minami Horie Paros bldg 8F
Minami Horie,Nishi-ku,Osaka-city,Osaka, Japan
TEL: 06-6539-7777 (Main)
FAX: 06-6535-0018 (Main)
President Kazuhiro Ueda
Founded August, 1973
Establishment of company June 1993
Capital fund 50milion JPY
Employees 260 (full-time 59)
Business field management, designing and construction of amusement facility
Annual turnover 2.5 billion JPY
Main banks Kyoto bank
Mizuho Bank
Risona Bank
Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank
Main business partners SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS inc.
Konami Digital Entertainment Co.
Taito Co.
System Service Co.
others (random order)